Our Studio

At Studio 10 our team + client relationships matter. With roots firmly in our community, our partnerships have made us who we are.

Started in 2005, we’ve developed into a full service video production house with offices in Regina, Saskatoon, & Vancouver.

The Studio 10 team was built with 3 things in mind: create strong relationships with our clients, invest in competitive technology, and make beautiful work.

In the process we’ve had the pleasure of working with international clients including The CFL, Red Bull, Cisco, the Co-op, Global TV and SaskTel.

Despite the growth, our core principles have remained the same. We’re proudly Western Canadian but with an international reach. We feel humbled that we’re able to do what we love –  tell bold stories with purpose.

We take a balanced approach when telling our client’s stories. In the studio or out in the field, we keep 3 things in mind while creating work:

01  Engage

When it comes to communicating your message, engagement is vital. We use a combination of story elements, cinematic visuals and dynamic sound to pull your viewers in.

02  Entertain

Now that the audience is engaged, how do we keep them? By creating video that’s a pleasure to watch. Whether it’s an emotionally resonant story or a sharp set of jokes, we keep your audiences entertained.

03  Inform

At the end of the day, you need viewers to come away knowing something new about your company or service. We’ll tell your story clearly & effectively, making even the most dense topics accessible.

Selected Clients